The RealWear Navigator™ 500

The Next Generation Industrial Strength Assisted Reality Solution

The RealWear Navigator™ 500

Built for Productivity. Designed for Safety.

New! The RealWear Navigator™ 500 is the leading ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker. It is a winning combination of state-of-the-art hardware, applications and cutting-edge technologies.

Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. Safely reduce downtime, improve quality and employee productivity, while realizing significant ROI.

  •  Full-Shift, Hands-Free Use
    • Work comfortably all day and easily hot-swap your battery without losing a minute on the job.
  • Revolutionary Modular Design
    • Easily upgrade or swap out the camera and modem for on-the-job agility while reducing long-term capital investment.
  • Enhanced Remote Collaboration
    • Improves productivity, saves travel costs and reduces equipment downtime.
  • Secure, Seamless Sign-On & Enterprise Deployment
    • Reduces time and friction to get devices up and running, deployed and managed securely.

HMT-1 Devices

Hands-free Remote Collaboration Tool

The RealWear HMT-1® has been the market leader in industrial wearables since its launch in 2018. Purpose built for the modern frontline workforce, it connects the frontline worker to information and expertise needed to successfully complete job tasks safely and efficiently. It’s an industrial dashboard: there when you need it and out of your way when you don’t.

Connect with TourGuide Solutions' first hands-free, mobile computing device from RealWear.  Ideal for industrial and/or mobile environments, RealWear makes it easy for teams to communicate  and follow digital workflow. 

Applications include service, training, site walks, and accessing digital workflow processes. Device options include the standard HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1®.

RealWear can be set up quickly and easily using Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex for remote communications running on an Android platform. There are more than 200 software partners specific to industry, safety and service that can be integrated into the solution with applications to improve processes and create efficiencies.

RealWear Devices


The RealWear Navigator™ 500




HMT-1Z1 Intrinsically Safe Edition

Hands-free Use Cases

Visual Assist

  • Documentation
    • Workers can easily take pictures of procedures with a few simple voice commands, even in loud environments.
  • Inspection
    • Engineers and inspectors can quickly take photos of every part of a job inspection while performing the task at hand.
  • Training
    • All workers can easily take pictures and capture and share video for interpretation by experienced workers at headquarters.
  • Equipment Repair
    • Workers can gain access to remote experts help troubleshoot and get machines back online faster.
  • Reduce Travel
    • Save time, money and improve customer service levels by instantly connecting with customers or service technicians.
  • Remote Training
    • One remote trainer can mentor a team of new trainees without requiring them to be onsite.

Data Visualization

  • Field Service
    • View location-based, contextually relevant data in the field in real-time.
  • Real Time Data
    • Safely access cloud data without the use of your hands.
  • Information In-Situ
    • QR codes make it easy to access data sources and analytics for specific equipment can be viewed in context.

Document Navigator

  • Quick Reference
    • Hands free digital documents in-situ are powerful when referenced during the completion of a task without distracting a technician from performing the work at hand.
  • Time on Task
    • Voice is another set of hands freeing a technician to apply information from a document to current task without losing focus.
  • Work Instructions
    • Viewing instructions and following step by step as the procedure is completed increases time needed to complete and reduces errors.

Digital Workflow

  • Compliance
    • Use voice-driven data entry to complete actions and easily capture photos and videos to log steps as tasks are completed.

  • Work Instructions
    • Easily access instructions to stay on track and follow along while performing work, reducing errors and increasing quality.

  • Training
    • Easily access photos and videos for training & reference during workflow steps.

Visual Picking

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  • Digital Inventory Processing 
    • Use hands-free data entry to complete digital inventory and reduce errors when processing data. 

  • Increase Efficiency 
    • Allowing warehouse team to barcode scan to increase speed and reduce errors.

  • Real Time Sharing 
    • Enables team with digital presentation of information, instructions, and process documents

Service Offerings

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Virtual Consultations

Connect virtually with our experts to learn more about use cases and device capabilities.


End user training

Certified Training options through Implecho are available for seamless integration into your organization or process.

Realwear rental

Rent RealWear devices on a week to week basis. Order what you need and send it back when the project is complete. 

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